New Mexico Steam Locomotive & Historical Railroad Society

Project Information:
Project Name: New Mexico Steam Locomotive & Historical Railroad Society Contractor and Applicator:Michael F. Hartshorne
Project Location: New Mexico, USA Products Used: Rust Bullet BlackShell
Project Length: Application Type: Roll & Brush
Project Description:
We have had a busy time the last month working on the ATSF 2926. Crews worked to clean up the asphalt coat that had covered the fuel tank in places. We used a Hotsy, hand tools, soda blasting, wire brushes, solvents, grinders, needle scalers and a lot of elbow grease to get the gunk off the outside of it. We also had a busy time getting ready to have the tender’s body lifted up off its trucks and set off on cribbing. That would allow the big Buckeye trucks to be swung off onto temporary track for brake and bearing work.

Last Saturday Albuquerque had the most rain that it has had on an April day in recorded history but our cranes and crews showed up from Messer Construction (they do RR derailments for money and help us out of the goodness of their boss’s heart) and we got the tender swing done between storms. Totals? 11.5 tons for the fuel tank, 35 tons each for the trucks and 80 tons for the tender body with those items removed. Read about it in our next news letter which will be coming to your company in a month!

So today I played hooky and enjoyed a whole day with the gallon of Rust Bullet you graciously sent. We tried it in two coats per instructions on the fuel tank and also a small area inside the water tank as a test. I am fixing a CD to send you for your use. The photos are yours for any purpose you like. The Board of Directors of the NMSL&RHS wants to let this stuff cure and try your scratch test before we estimate how much more we need to order. My guess is that we will be applying by hand with brush and roller and that we will probably find gallon size cans most convenient. I’ll let you know shortly. In the meantime I was really impressed with the way Rust Bullet covered the metal and rust. Thanks for your patience, time and attention. May I remain…

Respectfully yours,
Michael F. Hartshorne, M.D.
President, NMSL&RHS