Horse Barn – Stall Doors


Project Information:

Project Name: Horse Barn – Stall Doors

Contractor and Applicator: Phil Tuttobene

Application Type: Brush & Roll

  Orlando, Florida, USA

  Rust Bullet Standard


Project Description:

Subject: Thank you for an EXCELLENT product.

To whom it may concern: People do not normally take the time to compliment manufacturers, but after using Rust Bullet for a few years, I had a hard time not writing you to thank you for such an excellent product.

I use the automotive product in my restores but more impressively I used it on my ranch.. Let me elaborate.

I own a horse ranch. On the ranch is an 11 stall barn. At the top of each stall door is a metal yoke. Its two pieces of metal that come down to allow the horse to stick his head through. The horses love the two pieces of metal to scratch on. After about 3 months, a horse normally will wear not only the paint on the yoke but the metal itself will start rounding off.

I did an experiment. I coated 10 yokes with Rust Bullet and 1 I left untreated. After 1 year all 10 yokes that are treated still look like new, not even the corners are worn.

On the untreated yoke the paint wore off long ago. The metal is now being filed down by constant horse scratching.

This stuff is harder than steel! Unbelievably amazing stuff.

BTW, you never mentioned that POR15 is sensitive to UV. If you leave it in the sun after around 1 week it turns splotchy. Not with Rust Bullet.

Thanks again for this excellent product. Second to none. PERIOD.

Phil Tuttobene
TAW, Inc.