ATV/UTV Trailer


Project Information:

Project Name: ATV/UTV Trailer

Applicator: Customer – Steve Humphreys

Application: HVLP Sprayer

Project Length: Two Afternoons

  Reno, Nevada, USA

  Rust Bullet Standard

Project Description:

Steve Humphreys, Local Businessman
Reno, NV

My ATV/UTV trailer was being eaten alive by rust and every year the rust was nearly twice as bad as the year before. I really enjoy using the trailer during hunting season for towing ATV’s and UTV’s so figured it was worth a shot trying to stop the rust and restore my trailer. I had met with Kathline from Rust Bullet in the past regarding my trailer project and in October of 2010, I was ready to place my order. I ordered two quarts of Automotive Rust Bullet. For prep work I spent two afternoons sanding and wire brushing some of the heavily rusted areas, along with removing all the nuts and bolts that I eventually replaced. As you can see from the pictures, there was still some rust that I just painted over. The rust doesn’t have to be completely removed for Rust Bullet to work effectively.

The painting was easy, just remember to mix well and wear gloves! The pictures speak for themselves and my trailer looks brand new. I just recently returned from a 15 day elk hunting trip in Idaho, where the trailer was exposed, almost daily, to rain, snow, and mud. I was certain there would be a little rust “somewhere” once I returned home but found nothing! The trailer still looks brand new!

Thanks Rust Bullet for a great product and a brand new trailer! I would definitely recommend Rust Bullet, not only for a great product, but great customer service.

Thanks again,
Steve Humphreys