[one_full]Rust Bullet Industrial Uses


Rust has always been a significant problem with the use of steel and other alloys of iron in the construction industry. It is even more disturbing that most of the so-called solutions being applied only provide a temporary fix to what is a long-term problem. Therefore, it has become a top priority to not only find a reliable way to eradicate the layers of rust formed on construction materials, but to also develop a guaranteed method to help prevent its future occurrence. With the large and ever increasing number of problems caused by metal corrosion and decomposition, Rust Bullet is the most reliable means to totally ensure that your materials are free from rust and remain in their original states to deliver the best quality of performance. Rust Bullet coatings are specially designed with unique and effective formulas to guarantee a long-lasting solution to your rust problems. One may ask- “How does Rust Bullet work and why is it the most well-suited rust prevention measure to use?” Its improved technology is designed to provide an impervious coating, using only the best raw materials, to counteract the degrading action of moisture. It comes in a wide variety of options from the WhiteShell, BlackShell or Color Shells, to the patented aluminum pigmented Rust Bullet Standard Formula, all of which provides strong and quality coverage for materials. As part of its preventive effects, Rust Bullet provides a few actions;

  • It penetrates the pores of already existing rust sites and eliminates further deterioration, returning the material to its proper state and adding structural integrity.
  • It spreads across the surface of the subject material, be it metal, wood or fiberglass and dehydrates moisture points thus preventing rust formation.
  • When applied multiple coats to a surface, Rust Bullet forms an impervious and durable coating that solidifies to form an active rust-resistant surface.
  • With Rust Bullet, constant re-application is not needed as it is durable and stays on for years after initial application providing a reliable coverage.
  • Improve education and training of staff in recognition of corrosion control.button

Rust Bullet is adequate for even the most technical terrains. Its broad area of implementation makes it the right choice regardless of the environmental conditions. Even in the marine industry, Rust Bullet coatings perform lifeguard functions for docks, ships, seawalls, bridges and even oceanfront structures. To further test its ability to prevent weakening of material through rust formation, Rust Bullet has been subjected to the most comprehensive tests including the sea-water spray chamber test. The results proved great ability in adding longevity and preventing decomposition in all structures in the harsh marine environment. Needless to say, Rust Bullet outperforms every other corrosion and rust prevention product.