1977 Chevy Truck Body Panels & Floor Boards


Project Information:

Project Name: 1977 Chevy Truck Body Panels & Floor Boards

Contractor and Applicator: E. Alfano

Application Type: Brush & Roll


  Rust Bullet Automotive


Project Description:

Take a good look at what Rust Bullet did for my 1977 Chevy truck and for me, This product is AWESOME!!!!!

It allows you to completely KILL THE RUST that has formed on any body panels like floor boards, rocker panels, ect.. Thus saving you time and money from expensive panel replacement and allowing you to retain the original sheet metal.

This stuff really works and it is also easy to apply, no expensive cleaners or agents to buy just follow the simple directions and you will have perfect results every time and any one willing to try Rust Bullet will have the same results too. Even my wife is impressed on how well it has finished out.

I never would have purchased this product if it did not do what they say it will do because I have a young boy and some day this old truck will be his. Thanks to Rust Bullet.

It really kills rust.

E. Alfano