1973 Volkswagon


Project Information:

Project Name: 1973 Volkswagon

Applicator: Ariel Williams

Application Type: HVLP

  Decatur, Georgia, USA

  Rust Bullet Automotive


Project Description:

I am the 60 year old woman who has been in touch off and on for the last two or three weeks about de-rusting my 1973 VW Beetle. We just finished putting 3 coats of Rust Bullet on the VW Sunday. All the work was done with me and a 19 year old neighbor in my side yard. We did have a great time and the results were much more wonderful than we expected! We do have some before and after photos that we could share if you like. unfortunately, they don’t show the rusted parts, but they do show what a great transformation 3 coats of Rust Bullet made in the appearance of the car. Thanks for your 1973 Bug unfailing support to a very small, but happy customer!

Most of you have known my Volkswagen for years and wondered if it would fall apart on me while we were driving down the street. I can’t resist sharing the beginning of her return to respectability. The Volkswagen’s name is “Serenity, or The Siren. She is a 1973 Super Beetle who has provided excellent and reliable transportation for me since the late 1970s or early 80s. I’m not sure which. I did a lot of the sanding and initial de-rusting, but Shawn, my 19-year-old neighbor, took over on the bodywork, putting Bondo in the three rusted out places and the 5 dents. He also did all of the paint spraying. We used a primer called “Rust Bullet” that I found through a Google search on the Internet. We rented a Home Depot air compressor and my VW repair guy, Bobby, lent us his auto spray gun. It is now showing off time. Here are some “before”, “during” and “after” photos. I didn’t have any recent close ups of the rust and terrible condition of the exterior, so I am using 2 year old photos of The Siren after she was assaulted by a huge oak limb. I am sure you get the idea. Shawn’s Dad used a digital camera to take the “during” and “after” shots. I noticed some wiggles and color blips on them that I don’t know how to remove, but you get the idea, I know. I’m not at all sure if I’m gonna go get a “real” paint job done. I kinda like the “Rust Bullet” look. So, the Beetle is just awaiting new chrome strips on the doors, back and boot and either “Rust Bullet” or re-chroming the wheels. That is probably in the works for next month, since the Beetle renovation fund is a little low after this project. Then, we will move on to the interior….Nice transformation work, for a 60 year old woman and a teenaged kid, don’t you think?

Ariel Williams
Decatur, GA