Ghanaian Railway


Project Information:

Project Name: Ghanaian Railway System

Contractor and Applicator: Chavern Unlimited

Application: Brush & Roll to 20mil dft

  Ghana, Africa

  Rust Bullet Standard


Project Description:

The railway system in Ghana has historically been confined to the plains south of the barrier range of mountains north of the city of Kumasi. However, the 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in) narrow gauge railway, totalling 935 kilometres, is undergoing major rehabilitation and inroads to the interior are now being made. In Ghana, most of the lines are single tracked, and in 1997 it was estimated that 32 kilometres were double tracked. There are no rail links with adjoining countries. However, there are plans to extend the Kumasi-Takoradi railway to Paga, by the Burkina Faso border,plus a branch from Tamale to Yendi. After extensive testing among various anti-corrosion products, the Ghanaian Government choose Rust Bullet to prolong the life of the existing track. By refurbishing these tracks with Rust Bullet, the money saved will be put toward expansion.