Project Information:

Project Name: Potable Water/Fresh Water Holding Tanks

Contractor and Applicator: GoldSeal Rustproofing Services of ZA

Project Size: 1445 Sq Meters / 6 Days – 1 Crew

South Africa

Rust Bullet Industrial



Project Description:

Client requested an inspection and if possible, corrosion abatement for existing water tanks. The water tanks were very badly corroded preventing their use for storage of potable water for human consumption. The cost of replacement was R 1.350/m. After a complete inspection and assessment of the tanks it was determined that by using Rust Bullet the life of the tanks could be extended for an additional 10 years. The total estimated cost of the corrosion abatement application was R 324 122.00.

We were only able to work on the tanks over a holiday when the facility was non‐operational. The total area to be coated was 1446 sq. m. We removed the lids and used high pressure soda blasting. The tank was allowed to completely dry prior to the application of 300 microns of Rust Bullet Standard Formula Rust Inhibitive Coating. The entire project was completed in six (6) days. The tanks are now fully operational with the total assurance of the entire building having access to fresh water.

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