Project Information:

Project Name: California Recycling Plant

Contractor and Applicator: Customer

Application: Roller

Sacramento, California, USA

Project Description:

Rust Bullet is an excellent coating for concrete. It not only creates a moisture barrier that seals concrete from oils, water, chemicals such as battery acid, hydrochloric acid and the more powerful sulfuric acid, but it will actually make your concrete stronger and more wear resistant, adding years to its life. Because Rust Bullet creates such a strong barrier nothing will penetrate through the coating making it easy to clean up spills. The application process is very simple. Use a broom, air hose or shop vac to remove loose contaminates such as dirt and dust. Spot treat any grease, oil or chemicals with a light detergent such as Simple Green or dish soap and water, allow to dry. If using any other type of degreaser, please contact our technical support team to determine if the intended product is compatible with Rust Bullet. Then start painting! This concrete surface is outside and is wet much of the time, therefore, adding anti-skid to the last coat or sprinkling sand over the last coat provides traction and greatly reduces the dangers of slipping, but still allowing for easy clean up.

This 40 Yard Ten Ton Steel Dumpster is rolled over this concrete twice a week with these abrasive steel wheels, causing a great deal of damage to the unprotected concrete.

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