Fight rust graphicRust doesn’t just occur on your car. Rust repair and rust prevention are also necessary for all sorts of household surfaces such as the metal roof on your shed, your garage door, and even your outdoor furniture. Endeavoring to stop rust won’t just increase the longevity of the metallic surfaces around your property; it will also add aesthetic value that you can be proud of.

Can You Fix Rust on Metal?

Many of us have metal doors on our garages and sheds because they are especially durable and strong. They aren’t impenetrable, though. Weather and time can be all rust needs to begin damaging your doors. The same goes for the rusty fence that surrounds your pool and the rusty fence that surrounds your property. The rusty roof on your shed may seem like an daunting task to repair, but we assure you that a little elbow grease married with proper instruction are all you need to get your rusty surface back to its attractive appearance.

Is Rust Prevention Difficult?

Some rust inhibitor products require tedious sanding, acid etching, and excessive cure times. Other rust prevention products contain harmful VOC’s that require the use of respirators to ensure safety. Application of Rust Bullet from start to finish is a safe and simple breeze. We hope you’ll enjoy this video that depicts exactly how easy our patented rust-stopping technology is.

You might not be able to stop rust permanently with any product on the market, but our product can last up to 10 years with proper application.