Rust is a common issue with metal surfaces and materials. But by implementing appropriate rust prevention strategies, you can prevent the onslaught of corrosion and significantly extend the lifespan of your valuable assets.

That said, you need to choose a solution that not only promises but also delivers safety, reliability, user-friendly application, and long-term performance. Rust Bullet stands out as a superior rust prevention product.

A renowned and trusted brand

Rust Bullet has been around since 2001 and underwent rigorous testing for two years before it was made available to consumers. Our team is committed to maintaining the effectiveness and reliability of all our products, continually conducting field trials and laboratory tests. This ensures that we offer the most dependable and effective rust prevention formulas across various applications.

Top-tier formulation

The secret to Rust Bullet’s success lies in product formulation. Each variant is produced using only high-quality raw materials, adhering to the strictest quality control standards. We also prioritize environmental responsibility, ensuring our products are free from chromates, zinc, lead, and heavy metals.

For example, Rust Bullet For Concrete and Rust Bullet Automotive both pass the EPA’s Potable Water Standards. Concerned about the health effects of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)? You’ll be pleased to learn that Rust Bullet products, such as  DuraGrade CONCRETE Ultra Low VOC, Industrial Ultra Low VOC, and Automotive Low VOC, meet the stringent California VOC Standards.

User-friendly application

Our products are moisture cure urethanes, requiring no additional components, activators, or artificial heat sources for curing. Their aromatic and aliphatic formulation results in a rust inhibitor that is flexible, robust, and chemical-, UV-, and abrasive-resistant.

Durable, lasting performance

Rust Bullet outperforms elastomeric coatings and adheres to standards like ASTM D-522 (flexibility), ASTM D-2444 (impact resistance), and ASTM D-4060 (abrasion resistance). This ensures that you won’t have to worry about the coating rapidly deteriorating when exposed to various elements, including underground exposure and immersion.

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