Although your car may look good right now, it will eventually show signs of wear and tear due to exposure to outside elements like UV rays, moisture, heat, snow, and more. But with proper maintenance and protective measures such as automotive undercoating, you can extend its lifespan and save yourself from expensive repairs due to rust or corrosion damage.

All Vehicles Are at Risk of Rusting

The lower part of your vehicle, including the undercarriage, wheel wells, and rocker panels, are often exposed to moisture, salt, and other debris from the road, making it more susceptible to rust and corrosion than the upper part of the vehicle. That’s why it’s important to use an automotive undercoating treatment that’s specially formulated to prevent rust. There are only a few options available in the market currently, and Rust Bullet is one of them. This exceptionally effective automotive undercoating treatment halts the progression of rust and prevents any further corrosion.

Discover Rust Bullet Automotive Coatings

Rust Bullet Automotive is a one-step, high-performance rust inhibitor that’s easy to apply. Its unique formulation had earned two US patents, and based on independent scientific tests, it is the longest-lasting and most effective corrosion control coating on the market. It’s versatile for all automotive applications, including undercoating.

Despite containing more metal, it has a thinner consistency than Rust Bullet’s Industrial Formula to simplify application by HVLP automotive finishing guns, but can also be brushed and rolled. Plus, Rust Bullet Automotive is UV resistant, so you can apply it as a standalone automotive undercoating or choose to top coat with Rust Bullet BlackShell, WhiteShell for additional rust protection.

Why Use Rust Bullet Automotive as Your Vehicle’s Undercoating?

Rust Bullet Automotive requires minimal surface preparation, so you can save time with your application. That means you can apply it directly onto a rusty metal surface. Just ensure the application area is clean, without any loose paint, wax, and other debris. Our coating is metallic gray, UV-resistant, and delivers a smooth finish.

Protect Your Vehicle Today

Try Rust Bullet Automotive and discover how it can protect your vehicle from rust and corrosion-related problems. You can find this cutting-edge automotive undercoating and our other products here on this website. We also offer a low-VOC version of our Automotive formula.