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Rust Bullet is the number one marine paint and rust inhibiting product on the market. Whether you or your company use seafaring vessels or just equipment that is regularly exposed to fog or marine air environments, Rust Bullet has a series of products that will keep your equipment sealed and rust-free.

Don’t waste your money on cheap rust converter products, or you can end up snowballing your maintenance materials and labor costs.

Take it from one of our satisfied customers, Karl H.

Rust Bullet Marine Paint Testimonial

Featured Rust Bullet Marine Paint Products

  • Industrial – Professional Grade Industrial Strength Rust Inhibitor Coating
  • Industrial Low VOC – Professional grade low VOC industrial strength rust inhibitor coating. Easy to apply and maintain VOC compliance in all 50 states.
  • DuraGrade Clear – Rust Bullet® DuraGrade Clear is a high-performance, ultra-low VOC, rust inhibitive, protective coating. With just 49 g/l of VOCs, DuraGrade Clear’s patent pending formula is an environmentally preferred ultra-low VOC coating compliant in every state and air quality management district.
  • Topcoats – Rust Bullet Topcoats can be applied over painted or unpainted surfaces and can be used as a stand-alone protective coating that will protect your iron and steel.
  • Metal Blast – Rust Bullet Metal Blast is a cleaner and conditioner for metal that removes rust, grease, and contaminants allowing a superior bond to surfaces that have minimal or poor adhesive qualities.
  • Metal Jacket – Metal Jacket Spray on Parts Protector is a revolutionary, removable, non-greasy, non-dirt collecting, dust retardant, continuous flexible film that will not crack, peel, or flake with a temperature range of -40˚F to +125˚F.
  • Rapid Fire – Rapid Fire Accelerator is a 100% solids proprietary additive for all Rust Bullet Coatings. Rapid Fire Accelerator significantly reduces re-coat and overcoat times up to 80% and effectively reduces completion times even in temperatures as low as 30F (-1.1 C). Dry time is reduced from 4 hours to 30 minutes, while maintaining optimal coating performance. Rapid Fire also helps eliminate CO2 bubbling typically caused by excessive coating film application.
  • Solvent – Use Rust Bullet Solvent for cleanup, equipment preparation, and the thinning of Rust Bullet Coatings. Effectively clean equipment such as paint pots, lines, guns, brushes and rollers, as well as spills, drips and overspray from coating applications.

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