8' Blizzard Snowplow & Vehicle Frame

Project Information:

Project Name: 8' Blizzard Snowplow & Vehicle Frame

Applicator: Customer - Russ Clements

Application: Brush & Roll

  Troy, New York, USA

  Rust Bullet Automotive, BlackShell & WhiteShell


Project Description:

My name is Russ Clements, from Troy NY. My project was a 8' Blizzard snowplow and the frame mount on the truck - did it all myself. Completed frame mount outside and did the plow inside a friends garage in Troy. The Project was done in stages, truck first, about four days to allow drying time, and the plow was disassembled so took a little longer. The surface prep was just scrapers and wire brushes to knock off anything loose and flaking. Rust Bullet was brushed and rolled on - not sprayed. All surfaces got two coats of Rust Bullet - then two topcoats of Whiteshell & Blackshell.

The red used is just a oil based metal paint to make the details - normally a decal from Blizard but I decided to paint them on. The product was very easy to use, just took my time & it covered perfectly. The plow was used all winter with no signs of dulling or of wear yet.

Very pleased with the results.

Thank You