ColorShell Red - Quart

ColorShell Red - Quart

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Rust Bullet ColorShell Red - Quart

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Rust Bullet ColorShell Red Quart - ColorShell coatings are high visibility, UV resistant, rust inhibitive, all surface-all purpose, industrial strength coatings. Ideal for industrial, commercial and DIY projects. Rust Bullet ColorShell Red meets the ANSI Z535 Standard for OSHA Safety Colors. For the ultimate protection, simply apply Rust Bullet ColorShell Red as a topcoat over the patented Rust Bullet Standard or Rust Bullet Automotive Formulas to create the strongest armor tough, chip resistant protection against rust and corrosion ever formulated. Rust Bullet ColorShell Red can be brushed, rolled, or sprayed. Covers approximately 100 square feet per coat. If used as a stand-alone protective coating, a minimum 2 coat application is required.  

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