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Rust Bullet Automotive – Rust Removal & Protective Coatings for Cars

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Superior Automotive Coatings

Protect and repair all of your automotive rust issues with ease using Rust Bullet’s Automotive Formula. Our inovative rust repair technology has been specially created to provide the best rust paint available to protect your vehicle. Rust Bullet’s wide variety of automotive options will provide superior coverage on any vehicle.

Save Your Car from Rust Deterioration

One the biggest causes of car failure is rust. Not sure why this happens? Here are the major causes of rust:

Moisture: Water and Dampness can quickly infiltrate the metals on a car and weaken the entire system. Applying a Rust Bullet Coating can quickly and effectively cease rust issues and strengthen your car.

Chlorides: These chemicals can be found in everyday products such as road salt. Your car likely comes into contact with these chemicals daily, especially in colder climates. Not only are Chlorides on the road in the winter months, but the chemicals seep into the road and are present throughout the year. Using a protective coating like Rust Bullet can help shield your car from the salt embedded into the roads and extend the life of the vehicle as well.

Protect your car from corrosion and deterioration. Rust Bullet is easy to use and provides the real protection your car needs to fight the elements as well as the roads. We garuntee it for 10 years!  Learn more about rust causes and how to protect your car here!

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Kalmar Industrial Vehicles

Kalmar is the manufacturer of commercial and industrial product forklifts, terminal tractors, empty container handlers and much more. Here, the machinery was in much need of a rust solution with out replacing the complete machine.

Rust Bullet is the perfect solution, saving the company thousands of dollars.

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1973 Bronco Chassis

This Chassis is now restored using the Rust Bullet Automotive and the Rust Bullet BlackShell.

Thanks for sharing! You two did an excellent job! Looks like new!

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Kart Buggie

This special car made from a complete chassis can continue to race without costly metal replacements.

Rust Bullet Automotive is all that is needed to keep this sport car on the track.

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1972 Datsun 240Z

“Because of the extensive surface rust, I would have had to sandblast, prime and then paint. Instead, I used Rust Bullet and the job, not counting drying time, took a total of two hours, allowing for a substantial savings in labor and materials.”

-Carl Brunson

“People tell me that this chassis looks great, and then they ask me who I had powder coat it. I tell them that I just painted it myself with Rust Bullet.

–Duane Cole, owner

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1965 Mustang Undercarriage

The undercarriage of this classic 1965 Mustang has been saved by the application of Rust Bullet Automotive and BlackShell. Two coats of the Automotive topped with two coats of BlackShell has provided a UV, chip, scratch, and chemical resistant barrier to protect this Classic Muscle Car for many years to come. Here’s a simple “Recipe for Success”:

When applying Rust Bullet Automotive with an HVLP spray system, use a primer size tip approx 1.7 – 2.0 – at about 40-60 psi. Make sure your surface is clean, dry and free of any contaminates. For those really dirty and rusty jobs, you may consider Rust Bullet Metal Blast for the surface prep. When applying Rust Bullet Automotive with a brush or close-nap roller, use the crosshatch method and keep a wet edge on your brush. This entire project required the Rust Bullet Undercarriage Car Kit

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