Project Information:

Project Name: Wind Secure – Wind Turbine Nuts & Bolts Project

Contractor and Applicator: Wind Secure, Inc.

  Various Locations around the USA

  Rust Bullet Industrial

Project Description:

For years Wind Secure has been involved with issues stemming from covering foundation anchor bolts with a plastic cap and grease. These caps or covers have been proven to hold water and actually draw water into them, creating and concealing major issues with the anchor bolts, nuts and washers. With Rust Bullet Coatings you eliminate the necessity to remove the bolt covers, you eliminate the necessity to use the grease and you eliminate the mess caused by the grease. Most importantly you eliminate the surprises that are hidden by the caps.

Tensioning anchor bolts coated with Rust Bullet is a breeze, with zero mess and zero bolt covers to remove and reinstall. Wind Secure has done tensioning on WTG anchor bolts coated with Rust Bullet to 143,000 lbs of tension. Under these stresses, Rust Bullet has maintained its integrity as a coating with virtually zero scratches, chips, flakes or other signs of loss of coating integrity.

I refer you to several documents on this website. The first several are some laboratory test results for things like abrasion, weathering, impact and flexibility testing. Alone the documents may not mean that much to you, but if you can obtain such documents for any prospective products you can compare ‘apples to apples’ and it will help in your decision making process.

Please refer to ASTM A780 which is the ASTM standard for repairing galvanized objects. I think your focus would be on Part B, where it discusses using paint with zinc powder…one thing I must add is that on a microscopic level a powder has less strength than a flake. Rust Bullet uses an aluminum flake, where galvanizing uses a powder. Also remember that no prep is necessary for touching up Rust Bullet. If there is a void in the coating, a dab with a paint brush and it’s fixed.
We can provide a product comparison chart that will be a very valuable tool when comparing coatings. For any coating you are considering, you should be able to obtain the information from their standard engineering sheet, and just replace it with what’s on the chart. That will give you the ability to compare most of the engineered properties from one coating to another. You can also obtain countless other test results and comparisons from Rust Bullet on the Testing and Technical tabs of their website. An informational video may be viewed at

In closing, Rust Bullet (as well as galvanizing) of anchor bolts is a cutting edge technology that doesn’t have years of testing for this particular application. What we do have is historical data from other applications and lots of laboratory testing.
I hope this information will be helpful during your decision making process. Feel free to contact me at any time with further questions, or to do field testing at your site.

Jesse Tarr, President
Wind Secure, Inc.
Corrosion Control Solutions, Inc

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