Project Information:

Project Name: Paper Machine

Contractor and Applicator: Denross / Rust Bullet NE

  Northeastern USA

  Rust Bullet Standard


Project Description:

At a paper mill in Northeastern United States, Rust Bullet Products were specified for application on the fine paper machine, to reduce the application time by using one product for the entire system allowing for shorter recoat windows which resulted in more time for surface preparation and more productive shutdowns.

Our customer is now in the second phase field trial of Rust Bullet Standard Formula as the primer, intermediate, and top coat on machinery in paper mills. This section of the machine was severely corroded we mechanically scaled with air chisels and needle guns solvent cleaned and applied three coats Rust Bullet. The first section coated in February of 2013, appeared to be in excellent condition, with a couple of areas that needed repair. The repairs of Rust Bullet are extremely easy compared to that of an epoxy system. The inspection, monitoring, maintenance and repair allows us to be pro-active in maintaining the assets in good condition at all times. The conditions during the surface prep and coatings application are challenging as another machine next to it is running while we do our work around others conducting mechanical maintenance. We only had 18 hours to do the surface prep and complete the coating application.

Denross / Rust Bullet NE USA

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