DN700 Live Water Main Rehab Project (Severe Corrosive Exposure Environment)


Water Main in Hong Kong with Rust Bullet

Project Information:

Name: DN700 Live Water Mains Rehab

Location: Victoria Road, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong

Contractor and Applicator: CGP Advance Anti-Corrosion Technology Ltd.

Duration: 14 Days

Date: 2011

Products Used: Rust Bullet Industrial and Metal Blast


A 200 meter section of a live DN700 Mild Steel Fresh Water Mains had developed a severe corrosion due to severe corrosive exposure.  Subjected to the site condition and the importance of the supply network, it was impossible to carry out on-line replacement.  CGP Advance Anti-Corrosion Technology Ltd. was commissioned to investigate and design a rehab procedure. After collecting the exposure data and a detailed analysis, a rehab project conference with the Water Supplies Department Engineering team was conducted. CGP presented the several options for the rehab project; Rust Bullet product option was approved for its coating properties, simple application procedure and overall economic cost.

Firstly, all loose and flaking rust were removed.  Then Metal Blast was sprayed onto the rusted surfaces of the exposed DN700 water mains and wiped away to prepare the surface for painting.  Finally, 3 coats of Rust Bullet Industrial applied to the surfaces.

The project completed in duration of 14 days without suspension of water supply to the public and below the traditional rehab project budget.

Rust Bullet (Industrial) is a stand-alone coating, is UV resistant, chip resistant, scratch resistant & chemical resistant. It provides the metal with three anti-corrosion mechanisms thus ensure the maximum protection possible. As of  30 June 2016, the 200 meters section remain corrosion free.