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Concrete Products

Concrete Products

The Rust Bullet Concrete Coatings have been specially designed to protect your concrete flooring. The Rust Bullet for Concrete provides an impervious shield allowing easy cleanup of oil, grease and chemical spills along with strong protection against chemicals, impacts, abrasives, and atmospheric elements. This special formulation contains aluminum flake which creates a much stronger barrier from outside elements, as opposed to other concrete paints with powder pigments. Rust Bullet for Concrete can be used as a stand-alone coating.

But, what if I want an anti-skid, gloss finish? What if I want to add decorative flake to my concrete floor?

That’s when the Clear Coat for Concrete comes in. The Clear Coat for Concrete is a clear, single component urethane developed anti-skid top coat for the Rust Bullet for Concrete Coating to create an anti-skid gloss finish, or to seal in decorative flake. Both formulations are UV resistant, non-yellowing, scratch and chip resistant and have exceptional chemical resistance. Additionally, they have excellent resistance to peeling, cracking and chipping caused from hot tire pick up.