Why do I need to apply at least two coats of Rust Bullet?

Rust Bullet releases carbon dioxide gas during the curing process. This “gassing off” process may create small pin holes in the first coat of Rust Bullet. The second or third coat seals these tiny pin holes, forming an air tight armor tuff seal that protects the surface. If the pin holes are not sealed, air and moisture may penetrate Rust Bullet, allowing rust and corrosion to form. Rust Bullet is a simple to apply, low maintenance, super tough, high performance rust inhibitive coating. The first coat of Rust Bullet penetrates and dehydrates the rust down to the original metal surface. The second coat of Rust Bullet is necessary and critical to fill any pin holes in the first coat and ultimately forms an armor like shield on the surface. A two to three coat application typically achieves a dft (dry film thickness) of the required 6 mils for general applications. Additional coats may be necessary to achieve the appropriate dft for your project.