What if my project requires a faster re-coat time?

Rust Bullet Rapid Fire Accelerator was designed to be added to all Rust Bullet Coatings to decrease the normal recoat time of 2-6 hrs to approximately 30 – 40 minutes per coat. Rapid Fire makes it possible to apply multiple coats of Rust Bullet in a single day and reduces project completion time by as much as 80%. Rust Bullet Rapid Fire Accelerator is designed for spray applications. A Rust Bullet coating accelerated with Rapid Fire can be applied with either an HVLP Spray System or an Airless Spray System.

IMPORTANT: Rapid Fire is to be added to the Rust Bullet coating at the job site; it cannot be added until you are ready for application. As soon as Rapid Fire has been added, the curing process begins. Pot life is approximately 4-6 hours. Only mix Rapid Fire Accelerator into the quantity of Rust Bullet that will be used within a 4-6 hour period.