How many coats of Rust Bullet are required for my project?

Rust Bullet requires a 6 – 12 mil dry film thickness (dft) for Home and Farm applications. This requirement will vary depending upon the type of application. The higher the mil measurement of Rust Bullet’s dft, the greater the protection provided. Many variables should be considered when determining the desired dft for any project. Some of these variables to consider are; the existing condition of the surface being coated and the surface’s exposure to moisture, harsh chemicals, and abrasive objects. The damaging effects the surface must endure from environmental conditions As Rust Bullet cures, it releases carbon dioxide gas while dehydrating the rust. This process may create small pin holes in the first coat of Rust Bullet. The second and successive coats will seal these tiny pin holes and form an air-tight, armor-like shield over the application surface. If these pin holes are not sealed after the first coat, air and moisture may penetrate the Rust Bullet, allowing rust and corrosion to form.