Boat Trailer Application Question from a Client

I have a marine boat trailer that has a lot of surface rust forming on the axels, but it is still structurally sound. I was looking into POR 15 which I have used in the past and found your product. Will this work for saltwater emersion, how should I prep, and should I use your rust blast first?
Thank you,

Hi Randy and thank you for contacting Rust Bullet Support!

I’m happy to hear that you found our product, and if you have used POR15 before you will find some similarities, but Rust Bullet doesn’t require as much prep or a primer, and no topcoat is needed for UV protection.

The recommended product for your application would be Rust Bullet Industrial. Rust Bullet Industrial is a unique coating that was awarded 2 US patents for rust and corrosion protection; the formula penetrates and seals rust, forming a durable barrier against further damage. When applied to marine equipment and structures such as ships, boats, docks, and piers, Rust Bullet provides superior protection against the harsh marine environment, including saltwater, waves, and UV rays. Additionally, Rust Bullet’s high resistance to abrasion and impact ensures that the coated surface remains intact and corrosion-free for an extended period, reducing maintenance costs and extending the service life of the equipment.

For prep, the surface to be coated must be completely dry and must be free of loose rust, paint, moisture, dirt, mildew, oily substances, wax and loose particles, or any other surface contaminates such as embedded chlorides etc. Remove any loose rust, loose paint, or loose mill scale by lightly scraping, sanding, media blasting or wire brushing. For a one-part solution, we recommend cleaning the surface with Rust Bullet Metal Blast which not only cleans your surface, but conditions it allowing for optimal adhesion of Rust Bullet coatings. No additional surface preparation should be necessary. If there is existing paint on the surface, lightly scuff the surface with 80 – 100 grit sandpaper to create a profile for adhesion. Rust Bullet works best when in direct contact with the rusted surface or bare metal, so previous paint should be removed as much as possible. Rust Bullet can be applied directly to surface rust with no need to clean it down to bare metal.

For marine applications, we recommend a minimum 12 DFT (dry film thickness) for optimum protection, which can usually be achieved by applying four coats. I have included the application guidelines and some tips below for your reference. I recommend reviewing these to set yourself up for success and ensure you are familiar with the product and its prep, application, handling and storage. If there is anything else Rust Bullet can do to assist, please don’t hesitate to reach out again. Thank you!

Rust Bullet Industrial Application Guidelines