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When you see rust or corrosion on your car or SUV, truck or commercial or industrial assets, the typical reaction is: “Oh no! Now I need to do an undercoat…and then paint it all over!”. Well, while that reaction might have been the normal for other types of paints and rust prevention coatings, the BlackShell paint for rust inhibitors is a whole new game.

If you are looking for an all-in-one rust inhibitor and paint combo – then you’re in luck!

The Old Way No More!

Rust and corrosion cause billions of dollars’ worth of damage to residential, industrial and commercial equipment and assets. From cars and busses, to tractor trailers, farming equipment and factories and plants – they are all susceptible to rusting and corroding. That’s because air and moisture – the key drivers of oxidation that causes rusting – are omnipresent. As these assets interact with the environment, they run the risk of rusting.

Conventional approaches to dealing with rust have always been reactive: You see rusting or corroding automotive parts…that’s when you take action. The result? Rusted automobiles, plant and equipment then usually undergo extensive rust eradication work leading, sometimes, to expensive part and component replacement.

After scraping rusted surfaces, you would apply an undercoating – or two! Then, you’d use a top coat over that to give you the final touch. All that effort took time, and cost a lot of money. The Rust Bullet BlackShell paint for rust inhibitors changes all that! No more is there a need for a two-step approach to protecting your assets against rust. The old way is no more!

Taking the New Approach

The new wave of rust inhibitor paints, built with plenty of rust prevention technologies right into them, work differently than their predecessors. They combine rust and corrosion protection, with a glossy finish, into a single application. So, unlike the “old” way, where you first did one coat (rust inhibitor) and then topped it out with a second (the paint), the new way goes straight to the painting stage.

These new-age products:

  • Are multi-modal in application, so you can apply them with brush, roller or spray guns
  • Require less maintenance once applied
  • Deliver rust inhibition (as opposed to treating rust once it’s taken hold) and a glossy finish all in one
  • Have exceptional adhesion qualities, so are less susceptible to chipping and pealing
  • Offer scratch, chip and chemical protection

Sometimes, you may have an automobile that’s already painted – and you wish to add an element of rust inhibition to it. Alternately, an un-painted piece of equipment may need to have rust prevention added to it before it’s pressed into service. With the old approach, you had no choice but to implement a 2-step protection plan – undercoat of rust inhibitor first, then a top layer paint.

The best part of Rust Bullet BlackShell paint for rust inhibitors is that you can use it both, on painted and unpainted surfaces. So, the new approach yields better results with just a single application. And that’s the power of modern day rust and corrosion inhibitor paints and coatings.