Cost of Corrosion - Government


Federal, State, and Local governments play increasingly important roles in the U.S. economy, with a 1998 GDP of approximately $1,105 billion. While the government owns and operates large assets under various departments, the Department of Defense (DOD) was selected because of its significant direct and indirect impact on the U.S. economy. A second government sector that was selected is nuclear waste storage under the Department of Energy (DOE). The cost of corrosion in these two sectors was used to estimate the cost of corrosion for the government category. This cost was $20.1 billion per year, which is 14.6 percent of the corrosion costs for all sector categories.

How Much is Corrosion Costing You?

Cost of Corrosion Chart Production & Manufacturing Government Infrastructure Transportation Utilities Agricultural Electronics Food Processing Chemical, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical Mining Petroleum Refining Home Appliances Oil & Gas Exploration-Production Pulp & Paper Nuclear Waste Storage Defense Highway Bridges Railroads Airports Hazardous Materials Storage Waterways & Ports Gas & Liquid Transmission Pipelines Hazadous Materials Transport Railroad Cars Motor Vehicles Aircraft Ships Drinking Water & Sewer Systems Gas Distribution Electrical Utilities Telecommunication