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Why choose Rust Bullet ?


Rust Bullet without the slightest of doubt has been regarded as the most trusted brand when it comes to preventing corrosion of metals. There are several reasons why industries all over the world, prefer using Rust Bullet for rust prevention.


One prime reason of the sky-rocketing popularity of Rust Bullet is the mechanism behind the working of this industrial coating. Technically speaking, Rust Bullet cures to an incredible rock-hard, non-porous finish that won't chip, crack, or peel, and it prevents rust from recurring by protecting metal from further exposure to moisture and air.


There are many benefits of Rust Bullet that helps it gain recognition over some of the other well-known rust prevention products. This is the reason using Rust Bullet is becoming a norm in almost every industry. Users of Rust Bullet can get reap benefits in a number of ways. Below are some of them.


Suitability for Expensive Metal Equipment: The chemical configuration of Rust Bullet is absolutely safe for expensive metal equipment considering their sensitive nature. Such expensive equipment may include heavy load machineries of construction and marine sectors. So, in a nutshell when it comes to rust prevention of expensive equipment or other metal apparatus, Rust Bullet is the perfect choice.


Surface Tolerance: POR 15 is known for its great surface tolerance but Rust Bullet is even better. Rust Bullet works excellently on porous surfaces such as wood, fiberglass and even concrete. This clearly means that Rust Bullet is not confined to industries alone but is a useful commodity for common households too.

Applications: This is where Rust Bullet has got its nose ahead of POR 15, its chief competitor. Just like rust, Rust Bullet too is not confined to a single domain. It has got its applications in almost every industrial sector or for that matter, in every domain. In the automotive industry, it can be used on chassis, doors, floors, trunk areas, suspension engines and fuel tanks. In heavy industries, Rust Bullet can be an extremely useful product especially in case of heavy metal equipment, truck components and transformers. As far as marine applications are concerned, an additional coat of Rust Bullet on railings and steam pipes can leave you worry-free for years to come. Rust Bullet can also be used in home for sealing cracks in garage floors, roofs and HVAC.


The above-mentioned benefits make it crystal-clear why Rust Bullet continues to be the most ultimate rust prevention solution of modern-times.


Brand Name: Without a shred of doubt it can be concluded that Rust Bullet is a brand name you can trust. A brand name ensures easy availability of the product due to its wide distributorship network. The distributorship network spreads far and wide in U.S.A and around the World.   


I hope this input will help you understand the benefits of using Rust Bullet over POR 15 for rust prevention. Rust Bullet has no problem adhering to bare metal , something that can’t be said by POR 15.






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