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Rust is the result of the reaction of iron objects with oxygen in the presence of water or moisture. This oxidation process results in the formation of a mixture of compounds, iron oxide and hydroxides.



The process of rusting involves three steps and energy is released during the process. The first stage involves the formation of iron ions from the metal while in the second step, hydroxide ions are formed. The third step involves the reaction of the two in the presence of oxygen, which creates rust. The electrochemical process starts when the iron metal comes in contact with water; it is oxidized to iron (II)



Fe ? Fe2+ + 2e-



The released electrons travel to the edge of the water droplet, which has a higher concentration of oxygen this starts the reaction. This leads to the reduction reaction involving oxygen and water molecules and results in hydroxide ions



4 e- + O2 + 2H2O ? 4OH-



These hydroxide ions now react with the iron (II) ions and oxygen which forms iron oxide.



Fe2+ + 2OH- ? Fe (OH)2


4Fe (OH)2 + O2 ? 2(Fe2O3.xH2O) + 2H2O



Rust or ferric oxide (Fe2o3) is formed by the dehydration of ferrous hydroxide. The rusting process or corrosion occurs at a faster rate in sea water than in fresh water because the concentration of sodium chloride ions is much higher in sea water. The process of rusting is inhibited by alkali solutions while it is accelerated by acidic solutions.



Rust prevention and rust remover products help to take care of the rust problem effectively. Many Rust Remover products such as Rustoleum, Wasser and POR 15 provide short term relief from the ‘rust’ problem. Rust Bullet is a product that offers a long term solution and requires low maintenance with the least amount of surface preparation.



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