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Rust is perhaps the worst enemy of iron surfaces and can really affect its longevity. Rust formation is a very simple process and all that it requires to propagate is air and water. The orange brown layer on the surface of your car or equipment is not only an ugly site but can also weaken the metal to a great extent. An Industrial coating can prove to be very beneficial for the purpose of rust prevention.

Rust formation is one of the biggest concerns as far as industrial equipment replacement values are concerned. Rust formation can damage industrial tools beyond recognition and also affect even the concrete floors of an industrial facility.

Rust infested machinery can prove to be dangerous for the operator and may result in accidents. Rust is also quite capable of damaging your car as well as water pipes thus polluting the drinking water. Industrial coating and rust prevention products become very important in such a scenario.

An efficient rust protection product should attack the rust at the grass root level. This simply involves mixing with the rust and at the innermost level of the iron surface. Unlike products such as POR 15 which requires a UV top coat and an undercoat a good industrial coating product should simply require one step multiply coats to show its affect. A rust protection product which does not require extensive surface preparation will also save a lot of time.

An industrial coating product should also be Eco friendly and have low VOC emissions. A rust remover which is free from lead, zinc, chromate, heavy metals or acids reduces the stress on the environment and hence proves to be a better option for rust prevention in today’s environment. A good industrial coating product can match or exceed the special effects created by powder coating which is a specialized field of rust prevention encompassing smaller parts coated at a centralized location. Powder coating produces zero VOC and produces much thicker coatings, however it chips easily and is very hard to repair.

Rust preventive mechanism is an involved process and requires the know-how and attention to whom every treats it. Understanding the nature of the surface and deciding whether to spray or paint the surface are important decisions best not taken lightly. Proper rust prevention can enhance the life of your car and equipment and ensure that they always have adequate protection from the harsh environment we live in.

Rust Bullet produces industrial coating products. Rust Bullet is an advanced coating system which is far more than just rust protection. It is a complete product that protects any solid surface from oxidation or chemical attack for many years.

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