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Rust Bullet Coating vs Powder Coating

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Although there are certain applications that may require specific coatings, it should be recognized that a powder coating is still a paint thus being sacrificial in nature. The complexity and costly nature of a powder coating compared to the relative ease and moderate cost of a Rust Bullet Coating speak for themselves when a clear and wise decision is required.
Attributes Rust Bullet Powder Coatings
Ease of Application Yes No
Who can Apply Amateur to Professional Specialty Trained Applicators only
Application Methods Brush, Roll, or Spray Electrostatically Applied
and High Heat Oven Cure Only
Application Equipment Brush, Roller, or Spray

HVLP, Conventional, Airless or Commercial
Spray Equipment
Specialty Electrostatic Spray Equipment
Convection or Infrared Ovens Only
Application Location Apply at Project Location Application Facility Only
Project Restrictions No Size Limitations to On-Site Project
Limitations on projects of any great size.
Piece by Piece Applications requiring
transport to Project Site
Surface Preparation Little to No Prep Required Chemical or Mechanical Surface Prep
Orange Peel Proper Application
Prevents Orange Peel
Powder Coatings require more product to
achieve an acceptable finish with no
orange peel
Curing Process Moisture Cured in Ambient Atmosphere High Heat Oven Cure
Finish Smooth, hard finish & Impermeable
surface, Tougher than Conventional Paints
Hard finish, Tougher than
Conventional Paints
Repair Scuffing & Reapplication of Original
Product by Amateur or Professional
Multiple Component Repair Kits
Professional Repair Only
Cost Moderate
Even on Large Commercial Projects
Even on Small Projects


Powder coatings are typically a hard finish and tougher than conventional paints

Powder coating, a free-flowing dry powder is typically applied electrostatically and cured in high heat specialty ovens. Due to its powder form this coating does not require a solvent to keep the binder and filler parts in a liquid suspension form. Powder coatings are typically a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paints, can be applied in much thicker dft without running or sagging, a near zero VOC emission and no waste.

Rust Bullet Coatings are a one part, multiple coat process, which can be applied with a brush, roller or spray equipment by the professional and the amateur painter. The desired thickness of the application can be controlled by either the number of coats or the method of application from a simple roller to the industrial spray equipment. Rust Bullet Coatings cure in the ambient atmosphere and are ready for a second or subsequent coat in a matter of hours. Rust Bullet Coatings create a smooth, hard, impermeable surface that is scratch, chip, chemical and UV resistant with a look and feel very similar to a powder coating. Rust Bullet Coatings meet the California VOC Standards for metallic pigmented coatings. These standards are among the most stringent in the world.

Rust Bullet, a smooth hard, impermeable surface~ scratch, chip, chemical and UV resistant with a look and feel very similar to a powder coating.

Although there are advantages to a powder coating, the limitations and high cost of a powder coating can diminish these advantages very quickly in many applications.

Surface Preparation and Chemical pre-treatments must be meticulous prior to powder coating with the methods vary dependent upon substrate size and composition. The preparation process consists of a thorough cleaning which may be done chemically or mechanically; the chemicals may include phosphates, titanium zirconium and silane as well as the environmentally toxic chromates; abrasive blasting, the mechanical method on surface that can withstand the impact without damaging the substrate. Surfaces to be coated with Rust Bullet require little or no surface preparation. They must be clean and dry. Rust Bullet Coatings may be applied to clean or rusted surfaces and will exhibit excellent adhesion to each.





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